Transform Your Apple TV into a
Dynamic Information Hub with 1Glance!
Waiting Rooms
Game Night

All these screens above were built using the 1Glance App.

Drag, Drop, and Swap widgets to build exactly what you want for your Home, Business, or School!

Build it once and display it on any number of Apple TV Screens!

Build it on your iPhone or iPad

First you tell the wizard where your Apple TV is.


Then the Wizard will suggest several different screens for that location.


Then you just change the content to suit your needs!

View it on your AppleTV

Install the 1GlanceApp on your AppleTV.


Views are dynamic with live updates.

Short-Term Rental

Shawn & Jeff have a great AirBNB, and they wanted to build a screen to welcome their guests when they arrive. Using the 1GlanceApp, they can personally welcome them. They set up a screen with their visitor's names, the news, some photos of the amenities, the wifi password and other things to make them feel comfortable during their stay.

Each time a new guest arrives, it’s just a matter of changing the welcome message for the new guests, then setting the AppleTV to the Welcome Screen!


Francisco has a Barbershop with a TV which usually just playing infomercials all day and he decided to make that TV useful.

He added some photos of haircuts that he’s particularly proud of and a waiting list so people in his waiting room can see who’s up next.

After he finishes a haircut he can immediately take a picture of it and put it right up on his 1Glance screen. The kids especially love seeing the pictures there!


The Piano Bar is well known for it’s fun bartenders and their great creations! They already have several televisions on the bar, so they decided to put and AppleTV on the one behind the bar and create this screen to highlight their staff & their cocktails.

The best part is the owner’s wife is a great photographer and graphic designer, so they took these professional shots and composited them in Photoshop and added them as a simple gallery in 1Glance. What they ended up with is a beautiful, bespoke screen that comes to life behind the bar!

Game Night

Friends are coming over tonight for a game of Charades! As they arrive you take a photo of everyone and divide them into teams, which appear on the living room TV.

As the game progresses you can keep score on the iPhone and everyone can see what the score is with just a simple glance at the TV screen.

Behind the Bar

You've had this TV behind the bar for several years and it's only ever just played over-the-air shows to keep patrons entertained. How about showing them something that advertises what you sell and entice them with some food!

It only takes a few minutes and even you will admit, this is a much better use for a TV behind the bar than just whatever is over the airwaves!


Your food truck has been doing great, but hand-written menus are so clumsy and unprofessional. So you mount a TV to the side of your truck and add your recipes with enticing photos right there for people to see.

Each one has a price and description, and if you ever run out of anything you can simple remove it from the list!

Download Today

Download for iPhone.

Go to the App Store and Search for "1GlanceApp".

Download for Apple TV.

Go to the App Store and Search for "1GlanceApp".

Frequently Asked Questions
Is an AppleTV Required?

Yes. You need an AppleTV with the 1GlanceApp on it to display your custom screens. You log in with the same account you made on your iOS 1GlanceApp.

Is there an iPad Version?

Yes. The iOS Version works on both iPhone and iPad.

Can I make my own Layout?

No. You have to choose one of the existing layouts, but with a little creativity you get around that by using full-screen slideshows like in the example I have above for a bar. I plan on adding more layouts in the future.